Saturday, October 13, 2012


I realize that Series are meant to be read in order...  and honestly, I do my best.  But I find that sometimes I come across a book and I have to read it immediately, whether it is a part of a series or not.  When it ends up being a part of a series, when I can (or when I'm paying attention) I will go back and begin at the beginning.....  However that is not always the case.

More and more I'm finding that when I'm reading a series and I come across one that I don't like, I drop it and move on to the next.  Or if I'm placing a hold on a particular title in a series, and I can't get it in a timely manner, I'll just read whichever one I can get a hold of.

The Library does not always have all the books in a I'll settle for what we do have and hope they make sense.  Besides, what I have found, is that in most series, the author tends to visit past events in the series and explain them up-to-date ad nauseum, so I'm  thinking that I'm not missing much and I skip all the minute details.

So, then, Reading Out of Order, That makes me a "ROOO"!

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