Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amelia Peabody


I honestly tried to like this book, Really I Did..... I was reading it for Shelfari's Historical Mystery group. The series is our October "Buddy Read".  But I found the characters frightfully annoying, erudite, dilettantish, stuffy, boring and considering their "intelligence" amazingly stupid.

So there is Amelia Peabody, her husband Emerson, their son Ramses (oh yeah), their adopted son David, and their adopted daughter Nefret.   At home in jolly old England & in between expeditions, Ramses is set upon by the Prince of the kingdom from whence Nefret was rescued (First clue all is not Kosher). 

The Prince has some story about how his Father is slowly dying as is the heir to the kingdom, a wasting disease. Prince begs Emerson & Peabody in to agreeing to journey back to Hidden Fortress to help old friend King Tarek & son. Oddly, this Prince, has brought no letters of introduction or request for help (Second clue that something is fishy)...... 

Prince is given $$$$$ and disappears, later to return w/out a plausible story and flat broke (Third clue that stinks to high heaven)......

So then it is my opinion that given the combined intelligence of the Emerson/Peabody, someone should have smelled a heap of rubbish, but then there would have been no story.

After skipping too many tedious & overly descriptive paragraphs, I got as far as Chapter Nine, where Emerson, Ramses, Peabody & Nefret are captive of the Prince and then I shut the book & returned it to the Library.

If you like Ancient Egyptian history, archaeology, Egyptian legends and can stand long tedious passages & name dropping, you might like this series. 

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