Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Body Movers: series

At first I liked this series, but as I got into it, it became tiresome.

Addicts & enablers are not of reading interest to me, especially not when it comes to mysteries.

Honestly who cares if Caroltta's brother Weasel....oops Wesley gets hurt by his loan shark or goes to jail for failing a drug test while on probation.  It's what happens when you're a Screw-off and it's no less than he deserves....

Carlotta herself is a Twit. The only job she can get is working in some shi-shi department store as a sales clerk. Also, to make herself more of a weak little enabler, she is living with her ex-fiancee (but screwing the "Hottie" cop on the side) because unbeknown to her, her insane ex-best friend (who tried to kill her), was living in her house alongside her in the closed off room that was once her parents.

This is so very unbelieveable (except for the dysfunctional enabler persona), that I've stopped reading the series.  Happy to say, I only ever borowed them from the library and not wasted my money on purchasing them.

Thinking aloud: If they are such good books, why is it they are not published in hardcover?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Marshal Guarnaccia Mysteries

Magdalen Nabb wrote Florentine mysteries....her protagonist is Marshal Guarnaccia, a slow, ruminating, plodding hulk of a Carabinieri from Syracuse (Southern Italy).

The mysteries number 12 in all and take place in and around Florence & the Pitti Palace where Marshal Guarnaccia is stationed.  The first was published in 1981 and the last, posthumously in 2008.

The plots center around murder most heinous and widley differ in victims.  Of the five I've read so far, many of the victims are foreigners, living in Florence. But all, so far, have a common underlying theme; Family & Family Relationships....

Not all of the books are well written, some have bored me to tears, one I didn't even understand the ending or what the point of the book was....I thought I did, but then the story was over and...where's the ending? 

So far I have read: "Death of a Dutchman", "Deat in Autumn", "Death in Springtime",  "Marshal & the Murderer", "The Marshal's Own Case",  and "The Innocent".  I plan on reading all twelve.

Of the author: Magdalen Nabb was born in Lancashire in 1947 and trained as a potter. In 1975, speaking no Italian, she gave up being a potter, sold her belongings and moved to Florence where she lived until her death in 2007. She was 60 and survived by her son.

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