Saturday, October 13, 2012

Balckbird Sisters: Nancy Martin

The newest in the series, which I "Rooed" on....  Was pretty good, but not the best.  In fact in this series of 8 + 1 prequel (which I have yet to get my hands on), there was only One (1) that I Absolutely Hated. "Murder Melts in Your Mouth"...

On the average I gave the series 3.6 stars.... 

The series is about 3 sisters: Nora, Emma, & Libby.  Their parents have left them a dilapidated house and not much else, as they have bunked with the girls' trust funds & some investments of their friends as well.  The sisters have had a number of husbands, mostly schlemiels and all deceased (hence the belief in a Forever a Widow curse).

Currently Emma is the Society Page maven and seriously involved with Michael (Mick) Abruzzo, son of a crime boss. Her older sister, Libby (Libido,) has five children and is with most any man who can satisfy her hormonal cravings. Her younger sister, Emma is fresh out of rehab.

This is a madcap zany series, with one good serious bit: Emma is the heir to her Grandmother's  vintage couture collection and wear it well, she does. 

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