Sunday, April 28, 2013

Yes, I Am STILL Reading: Investigator Yashim: 1800's Instanbul

So far this year I have read 57 books.....  Not too shabby.

I will admit that I haven't posted here, I'm a bit lazy about that (I have 2 other blogs, 3 FB pages, 3 book groups, & I publish reviews for the FOL Newsletter).

What sticks out in my mind is the: Investigator Yashim series by Jason Goodwin:

"The Janissary Tree", "The Snake Stone", "The Bellini Card", & "An Evil Eye". 

Yashim is an unassuming, quiet, & "free" eunuch in 1800's Instanbul, Turkey.  He is great friends with the impoverished Polish Ambassador, the Valide (Sultan's mother & head of the harem).  

These are very interesting books that give a good insight to the Sultanate of the 1800's.  Yashim, deftly unravels some of the most difficult & dangerous puzzles in a quiet manner.  Cooking is one of Yashim's pleasures and we are introduced to the heady aroma of spices & foods cooked by him.

This is a wonderful series.... I rated them between 3-4 stars.



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