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Cookbooks V

Finally, what we've all been waiting for.....

I have found some wonderful and not-so-wonderful cookbooks out there.......  I'm so fortunate to work in a Library, for this is a way for me to to save $$$, by only buying something I have read & know I ♥!  It is also fortunate for you, because you will also save some money by not purchasing wonderful titles w/ little to offer.

Cancer Fighting Kitchen: Nourishing, Big-Flavor Recipes for Cancer Treatment & Recovery, Rebecca Katz
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ♥    It Doesn't get Much Better Than This!

From the flap: "Cancer fighting Kitchen features 150 science-based, nutrient-rich recipes that are easy to prepare and designed to give patients a much-needed boost by stimulating appetite and addressing treatment side effects including fatigue, nausea, dehydration, mouth and throat soreness, taste bud changes, and weight loss. a step-by-step guide helps patients nutritionally prepare for all phases of treatment and a full nutritional analysis accompanies each recipe....."

WOW! How could you ask for more, unless you wanted this book to be vegan or vegetarian?

There is A LOT of reading & information, but all of it is Important....the pages are slick but not glossy and there are many nice looking photographs. The title of each recipe is in large bold font, below that is a paragraph about the dish. The left frame includes the list of ingredients in a small bold font and below the ingredients are "Rebecca's Notes" regarding ingredients and options in red. The instructions are in a tad larger regular font than the ingredients making them easier to read. Below the instructions is information on prep time, storage & Nutritional counts, and often a "Who Knew?" of interesting food facts.

Contents include: Foreward; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Cancer-Fighting Tool Kit; Strategies for Thriving During Treatment; Seven chapters of Recipes; Resources; Bibliography; and Index

The Cancer Fighting Toolkit is more than amazing, it contains; Side effects; Recipes for specific side effects (anemia, Constipation, Dehydration, Diarrehea, Fatigue, Nausea & vomiting, Neutropenia, Sore mouth & difficulty swallowing, and Weightloss); Menu planning (2 days before chemo, week of chemo & treatment days, 1 week after chemo, and between treatments); Enhancing flavor & dealing w/ taste changes; FASS fixes for taste bud troubles; Learning your food preferences; The power of herbs & spices; and Culinary pharmacy (Cancer fighting ingredients A-Z).

Nourishing Soups & Broths: Healing broths (Magic mineral broth; Chicken magic mineral broth; and Pasture beef bone broth); Broth soups (Italian white bean soup; Lemony Greek chicken soup; and Ma's mushroom barley soup); The cashmere sweater soup collection (Bella's carrot, orange & fennel soup; Curry cauliflower soup; Cooling cucumber avocado soup; Velvety red lentil dahl; and Creamy broccoli & potato soup)

Vital Vegetables: Basil broccoli; Baby bok choy w/ yam & ginger; Emerald greens w/ orange; Gregg's stuffed acorn squash w/ quinoa, cranberries, & Swiss chard; kale w/ carrots; Warm Napa cabbage slaw; Purple Peruvian smashed potatoes; Warm & toasty cumin carrots; and Stir-fry baby bok choy w/ shitake mushrooms 

Protein-Building Foods: easy eggs in a cup; Curried chicken salad; Chicken & broccoli stir-fry w/ cashews; Master recipe for cooking beans; Middle Eastern chickpea burgers; Poached eggs w/ basil lemon drizzle; Orange ginger roasted chicken; and Triple citrus ginger black cod

Anytime Foods: Anytime bars; beyond good cornbread; Cannellini bean dip w/ Kalamata olives; Creamy polenta; Catherinne's magic green tea rice; Spiced toasted almonds; Mediterranean lentil salad; Orange pistachio couscous; and Roasted asparagus pasta w/ white beans & thyme

Tonics and Elixirs: Annemaries' calming kudzu elixer; Commonweal's most nourishing & healing tea; Mouthwatering watermelon granita; Green tea ginger lemonade; Mango coconut smoothie; Triple berry smoothie; and papaya pineapple smoothie

Dollops of Yumi: apricot pear chutney; basil lemon drizzle; avocado dressing; Pistachio cream; Cilantro lime vinaigrette; Dried fruit compote; Blueberry compote; Olive & caper relish; Moroccan Pesto; and Sweet & Savory yogurt

Sweet Bites: Baked apples filled w/ dates & pecans; Cardamom maple mini macaroons; Great pumpkin custard; Poached pears w/ saffron broth; Strawberries w/ mango coconut "sabayon"; and Triple ginger snap cookies w/ pecans

The prep time is anywhere form 5-30 minutes (usually the lesser) and cooking time ranges from 25-90 minutes.

This is by far the Best Cookbook I have read for Cancer Patients in a very long time. ♥ I'm hoping to buy one for the library, myself & a friend.

I now own my very own copy! 


super natural every day, Heidi Swanson
★ ★ ★ ★ 

Plain (non-slick) paper, lots of photographs (close ups of the prepared food), blurb is above the title (which is a large bold font), the ingredients is in a small plain font, but the instructions are in a bold font, which makes them easily read.

Contents include: Introduction; 7 sections of recipes; Sources; acknowledgements; and Index.
Breakfast: Muesli; Granola; Oatmeal; Spinach strata; Fruit salad; Sun toast; lemon zested bulgur; Baked oatmeal; and Crepes

Lunch: Open faced egg sandwich; Summer squash soup; Mostly not potato salad; Whole grain rice salad; Mixed melon bowl; Ravioli salad; Panzanella (w/ soy); Mixed green salad; White beans & cabbage; Chanterelle tacos; and Orzo salad

Snacks: Avocados & mustard seeds; Hard cooked eggs w/ dukkah; Turnip chips; White bean spread; Honeyed manouri; Spinach chop; and Little quinoa patties

Dinner: Farro soup; Harissa ravioli; Pan fried mung beans w/ tempeh (soy); Summer linguine; Stuffed tomatoes; Mushroom saute; Green lentil soup; Cauliflower soup; Black sesame otsu; and Miso curry delicata

Drinks: Tinto de verano (red wine); Cucumber cooler; Iced white tea; Shandy; rose geranium prosecco; Mixed citrus juice; and Sparkling panakam

Treats: Muscovado sunflower kernels; Watermelon salad; Membrillo cake; Sweet panazella; Macaroon tart; Honey & rosewater tapioca; and Tutti Frutti crumble

Accompaniments: Whole grain mustard; Dipping sauce; Blackberry maple compote: asimple pot of beans; Wild rice; Toasted nuts & seeds; Poached eggs; Butter(s); Creme fraiche; Roasted strawberries; and Oven roasted cherry tomatoes

I like this book, I like the recipes except those w/ soy (but I can change that).... Some of the recipes are easier to make than others...... I'd be more than happy to eat these, if there was someone to cook them for me!  (I Purchased this)

Giada's Kitchen: New Italian Favorites, Giada de Laurentiis
★ ★ ★ ★

I liked the book and I liked the recipes....It was easy to read & follow. I wish there had been more photos, but the ones there were very saliva inducing..... Then there were the photos of Giada's cleavage which I could have done without... actually the series of photos were of here preparing certain dishes, but he cleavage was right up front center stage......

So, due to the fact that I lost my original post and I'm too lazy to rewrite the entire original review, I'm just going to give you a short list of recipes that I found interesting.....

Fresh tomato & goat cheese strata w/ herb oil; Tuscan mushrooms; Crispy smoked mozzarella w/ honey & figs; Pecorino crackers. 

Tuscan white bean & garlic soup; Spicy calamari stew w/ garlic toasts; Curried chicken sandwich w/ radicchio & pancetta; Panini w/ chocolate & brie; and Focaccia lobster rolls
Grilled eggplant & goat cheese salad; Fennel slaw w/ prosciutto & pistachio pesto; Asparagus & zucchini crudi; Spicy parmesan green beans & kale; asparagus, artichoke & mushroom saute w/ tarragon vinaigrette; and Baked artichokes w/ gorgonzola & herbs.

Pastina w/ clams & mussels; Asparagus lasagna; Giada's carbonara; Swiss chard & sweet pea manicotti; Linguini w/ shrimp, arugula & lemon oil; Orzo stuffed peppers; and Orecchietti w/ sausage, beans & mascarpone.

Rib eye steak w/ black olive vinaigrette; Prosciutto lamb burgers; Turkey osso buco; Chicken scaloppine w/ saffron cream sauce; Roasted pork loin w/ roasted garlic vinaigrette; Swordfish poached in olive oil w/ broccoli rabe pesto; and Roasted halibut w/ grapefruit fennel salsa.

Strawberry & mascarpone granita; Chocolate panna cotta w/ amaretto whipped cream; Citrus semifreddo; Espresso chocolate mousse w/ orange mascarpone whipped cream; Ricotta cappuccino; Orange & chocolate zeppole; and Almond, pine nut & apricot coffee cake.

Polenta crusted shrimp w/ honey mustard; Parmesan fish sticks; Prosciutto mozarella pinwheels; Orecchiette w/ mini chicken meatballs; & Summer grilled fruit.....

Simple Appetizers: Easy Recipes for Effortless Entertaining, Ryland, Peters & Small
★ ★ ★ ★

This is a delightful little book filled with (mostly) easy to make small & savory bites ranging from traditional finger food to soups & salads.

Dishes are inspired from the flavors of Morocco, Middle East, East Asia, Europe, & the Mediterranean.
Pea & Parma ham crostini; Parmesan & sage wafers; Grilled lamb skewers w/ garlic & saffron sauce; Vermouth scallops w/ green olive tapenade (which you can readily buy); French onion soup; Crab bisque; Double zucchini Parmesan & walnut salad; Cherry tomato, brocconcini, & basil salad on bruschetta; Parma ham, Parmesan chunks & figs w/ balsamic dressing; Chicken liver pate w/ blueberry & balsamic glaze; Pork & hazelnut rillettes; Smoked mackerel & preserved lemon pate w/ harissa crushed tomatoes; Chili salt squid; Smoked mushroom pate; Naked spinach & ricotta ravioli w/ sage cream; and Fresh asparagus w/ homemade hollandaise sauce.

A lovely assortment for so small a book.

The Cookie Book: Over 400 Step-by-Step Recipes for Home Baking Catherine Atkinson
★ ★ ★ ★

The Cookie Book: Over 400 Step-by-Step Recipes for Home BakingI liked this book.... It was just as the title said: "Step-by-step. There are plenty of mouth-watering photos and easy to follow recipes on glossy paper.

What I didn't like was the binding, it is paper and will eventually split... and the print is very small. For this reason I took off a star.

So: Mocha Viennese swirls; Giant triple chocolate cookies; Sweet necklaces; Chocolate molasses snaps; Butterfly cookies; Lemon cheese bars; Citrus spice bars; Butterscotch meringue bars; Herb & garlic twists; Fennel & chili rings; Cream-cheese spirals; Golden pillows; Spanish churros; Two tone chocolate Florentines; White chocolate macadamia nut slices; Jelly bean cones; and Decorated chocolate lebkutchen hearts!


What to have for Dinner: 32 easy menus for every night of the week, Martha Stewart
★ ★ ★ 
First let me say, as I was perusing the pages to decide whether or not I'd add it to the Library's collection, I noticed that the descriptions of the photographs also included the description of the plates that the food was being presented on.... So I thought to myself "Oh, that is so very Martha Stewart!" Of course it turns out that this is one of her books! LOL!
I like the presentation of the book: it is large paperback, the pages are thick semi-gloss paper, there are abundant lovely photographs, but the binding is such that it will crack on the inside. Minus 1 star.

There is more than 1 recipe per page which would be not a bad thing, however, the names of the recipes are in a small plain font as is the list of ingredients while the instructions are a bit larger. Minus 1 star. 

The contents are: Introduction, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, The Guide, Index & Credits. Each of the Seasons contain 7-9 menus each with 4 dishes/recipes. As I am not an ambitious cook, I'm sure that at any given time I would only prepare 1-2 of the dishes per menu, unless I was giving a dinner party. I find that there is just too much work for just myself & 1 guest.

Spring: saffron couscous; Salmon in parchment; Rhubarb raspberry crisp; Cucumber & radish salad; Sesame asparagus (yum); Stir-fry chicken; mango w/ pineapple-ginger sauce; Artichokes w/ olives; Egg noodles w/ lemon; Parmesan herb lamb chops; Almond crumb cookie; Turkey & green chile burrito; and Coffee custard.

Summer: Penne w/ summer vegetable ragout; Peaches w/ creme fraiche; Avocado & jicama salad; Grilled chicken w/ citrus salsa; caramelized apricots; Summer green antipasto; Grilled pork skewers w/ couscous; Cherries w/ kirsch & sorbet; Paella salad; Spanish ham w/ olives & oranges; Clams in rich broth w/ orzo; and Fruit w/ ricotta & plum sauce.

Autumn: Skillet braised fennel; Butternut squash risotto; Lentil & escarole soup; Lamb chops w/ prune chutney; Fish chowder; Blueberry fool; Artichoke & mushroom salad; Mocha shortbread; Pork w/ sour cherry sauce; Cornmeal fried tomatoes; Roasted corn; Eggplant & lamb al forno; Warm pear salad; Mixed chicories; and Penne w/ tomatoes & pancetta.

Winter: Spinach salad; Sea scallops in herb broth; Almond cake; Winter white salad; Peppered steak sandwiches; Herbed spaetzle & spinach; Shell steak w/ shiitake mushrooms; Sauteed broccoli rabe; Sausage w/ stewed red onions; Endive & grainy mustard salad; Potato & greens soup; Pineapple w/ ice cream; Roasted fennel & potatoes; halibut in punttanesca sauce; Oven fires; Tenderloins w/ mustard sauce; Roasted barley pilaf; and Citrus marinated pork chops.

Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, Maria Speck
★ ★ ★

This is a cookbook that focuses on: Mediterranean whole grain recipes for barley, farro, kamut, polenta, wheat berries, & more.... I know from experience there is such a large variety of grains that Armenians eat and so many ways to cook & serve them and that makes for nice & healthy change from Pilaf (white rice).

The book is printed on a semi-gloss paper with a smattering of large color photographs, many of which look quite appetizing. With a few exceptions there is one recipe per page (which makes me happy) with the title being in a medium bold brown font, a paragraph about the dish in small bold blue font (which is easy to read), the ingredients are in the left frame in small italics (making it very difficult to read them), and the instructions are printed in an equally small normal font (making it also difficult to read).

Contents: Acknowledgements; Introduction; Recipes; Sources; Bibliography; and Index.

Breakfast, Brunch, & Breads: Orange polentina w/ honey mascarpone topping; Warm museli w/ figs, pistachios & anise; Citrus oatmeal w/ apricots & golden raisins; Saffron waffle w/ orange cream; Fig muffins w/ creamy goat cheese filling; Pine nut bread w/ fennel & sun-dried tomatoes; and Wild rice frittata w/ mushrooms & crisped prosciutto

Salads & Sides: Warm pasta salad w/ spinach & fresh mint; barley salad w/ figs & tarragon-lemon dressing; Bulgur w/ butter roasted almonds & cinnamon; Warm oat berries w/ walnuts & Gorgonzola; Cumin scented quinoa w/ red beets; and Spring pilaf w/ artichokes and green peas

Soups & Stews: Acorn squash soup w/ spicy yogurt topping; Mediterranean mussels w/ farro and white wine; Bulgur lentil soup w/ minted olive oil butter; chicken stew w/ artichokes & dried apricots over brown rice; and Greek egg & lemon soup w/ chicken & brown rice

Burgers, Savory Cakes & More: brie cakes w/ sun-dried tomatoes; lamb burgers w/ bulgur & mint; Quinoa cakes w/ smoked trout & lime mayonnaise; and Sesame crusted fish sticks w/ yogurt remoulade

Pasta: Rustic linguine w/ summer herbs & olives; Creamy rotelle w/ basil yogurt & Mozzarella; Homemade spelt fettuccine; and Conchiglie w/ lamb & minted yogurt

Modern Mains: Artichoke rosemary tart w/ polenta crust; Spelt crust pizza w/ fennel, prosciutto, & apples; Roast chicken w/ orange, lavender & thyme; Oat pilaf w/ chicken livers, marsala & sage; Greek millet saganaki w/ shrimp & ouzo; and Saffron risotto w/ white wine, clams & peas

Sweet Endings: Honey almond cantuccini; Purple rice pudding w/ rose water dates; Riesling zabaglione over red currants; Wheat berry fools w/ Grand Marnier figs; Ricotta millet pudding w/ warm raspberry compote; and Creme au chocolat w/ brandied blackberries.....

Mostly all sound good to me and it would be an even better cookbook if I could read the print/font... for this minus a star!

Hot! 150 Fiery & Spicy Recipes..., Janet Hazen
★ ★ ★

Certainly spicy recipes, make no mistake about that..... 

I'm going to keep in mind that this is an older book, published originally in 1992, so the recipes are going to be maybe not as creative or exciting as a book published in the 21st century! But, this is not to say that there isn't something in here for almost everyone.

There are not a lot of photos & those there are are in that yellow/orange/brown tone that I find most unappetizing, but that's not to say I found the recipes to be so. 

The recipes titles alternate between an easy to read medium sized bold font an a more difficult to read large script. In fact the font used from recipe to recipe differs from bold, script, small, serif, sans serif, and and size.... For this I minus a star. 

Some recipes have "about" paragraphs while others do not. The ingredients are either to the right or left of the instructions. All recipes indicate the spiciness ranging from 2 -10!

Contents include: Introduction; Pantry = Vegetable stock (that's all?); Recipes (by spice used); Table of equivalents; & Index

Recipe chapters include:
Chilies: Roasted chili pepper nuts; chili shrimp corn cakes w/ chipotle mayonnaise; Thai squid salad w/ three chilies; Chinese chicken salad w/ spicy peanut sauce; Cheese stuffed peppers w/ ancho chili sauce; Texas style chili w/ pinto beans; 5 alarm gazpacho; Zhoug- Israeli chili pepper paste; Burmese beef w/ coconut curry; African fire pork stew; Chicken mole; Walnut fig tart w/ ancho chilies; Chocolate coffee brownies w/ chipotle chilies; and Chocolate chili mocha cake w/ mocha frosting

Ginger: Caramelized shallot, fig & ginger conserve; Spicy ginger syrup; Ginger lemongrass stir fry; Hunan scallops w/ black beans; Cold noodles w/ Asian vegetables; Spiced Indian cauliflower w/ ginger; Spiced ginger cake w/ candied ginger cream; and Frozen ginger peach yogurt w/ cinnamon

Horseradish: Classic shrimp cocktail; Horseradish sesame rice balls w/ cucumber; Twice baked potatoes w/ horseradish cream; Poached tofu w/ green beans & wasabi glaze; Smoked chicken salad w/ horseradish vinaigrette; lamb and horseradish tartletts; Pork tenderloin & cucumber sandwiches; and Hangover bloody Marys

Mustard: Indian mango chutney w/ mustard; English cheddar cheese soup w/ brown mustard ale; Classic potato salad w/ mustard dressing; Braised winter vegetables w/ lemon mustard sauce; Baked macaroni w/ mustard & cheddar cheese; White bean smoked chicken salad w/ mustard; Country style French sausage ragout w/ mustard; honey mustard grilled pork tenderloin; and melted cheddar & sweet pickle sandwiches w/ two mustards 

Peppercorns: Peppery cheddar cheese strips; avocado soup w/ green peppercorns; Scallop corn chowder w/ pink & white peppercorns; Chilled cream of asparagus soup w/ green peppercorns; Lobster grapefruit salad w/ pink peppercorns; Mussels & prawns w/ orange pink peppercorn vinaigrette; and Pasta w/ peppered artichokes, ham, & toasted almonds


The No Recipe Cookbook: A Beginner's Guide to the Art of Cooking, Susan Crowther
★ ★

To quote the Maitlands "This Reads Like Stereo Instructions!" (Beetlejuice)

This is not a cookbook. In the exact manner of the title, it is a Q&A book of information about food and its preparation..... Confusing? Uh-huh. so, I am wondering exactly whom this book was written for.... Oh, yeah: Beginners..... But I happen to believe there needs to be more than just Q&A, there needs to be basic recipes (as in list of ingredients w/ the instructions, & basic measures).

The format is large, the paper is slick, main points are in a large bold brown font, the answers/instructions are in a regular easy to read font, there are drawings & colored photographs, and charts/tables.

Contents: Forward by "Master Chef" Roland G. Henin; Introduction; Basic Philosophies; Basic Ingredients; Basic Procedures; Basic Beverages; Beyond the Basics; How to Follow a Recipe; and Index.

Here's another peeve: Having to go to two Different Sections/Pages to learn the BASIC Procedure for a Basic Ingredient. 

From page 18: "2. What ingredients are necessary? I emphasize the 'necessary' here. Throughout this book, I refer to 'main' or necessary ingredients of your dish. What ingredients are at the core? What ingredients are so necessary the the recipe would not be the recipe without them?

Take Cream of Cauliflower soup. What ingredients are necessary?
* Cauliflower
* Water

These are the only ingredients needed to make Cream of Cauliflower soup. And really, the only main ingredient is cauliflower. The main ingredient must count. It is the foundation. It is the signature of the dish in texture, flavor, or nutrition--ideally, all three. In a way, the main ingredients tell the story of the dish.

Okay, here is the story of cauliflower and water--our main ingredients. Now that isn't much of a soup is it?
This is why there are accessory ingredients."

That B.S. took up one entire (Large) page!

The next question: "3. What ingredients are accessory?" I'm not going to bore you with the entire answer verbatim..... But she lists: onion, mellow white miso, thickener, garlic, cream; and salt & pepper. "These ingredients would make a fine soup. But since they are accessory, they are changeable. This is where you enter the kitchen. 

Don't like onions? Omit them! Like mushrooms? Add them!......................... Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah"
What a waste of $$$$.... If you insist on reading this, go to the Library & borrow a copy before you spend the $19.95!

The Mediterranean Slow Cooker Cookbook, Diane Phillips
★ ★

- one for lack of photos & - one for having to precook many ingredients on the stove. In my lazy opinion, I use a crockpot, so that I do not have to precook anything. I just throw it all in (at various times) and when I open the lid a few hours later: VOILA, I have my dinner.

The book is in a paper bound format, so if you crack the spine you'll lose pages. The pages themselves are a slick matt finish, so if you spill & wipe up very quickly, there will not be too much damage. There are very few photographs and the ones there are do not look appetizing to me.

Recipes: the title is in a larger thin purple font; the ingredients are on the side in a yellow frame; above the instructions is a short blurb about the recipe in a brown bold font; and the instructions are in a small (tiny) thin black font (making it almost impossible to read... and i wear tri-focals).

Contents include: Acknowledgements; Introduction (Where are we, Mediterranean flavors, Using your slow cooker, & A Mediterranean pantry); Soups; Meats (Pork, lamb & beef); Poultry (Chicken, duck, game hens, & turkey); Seafood; Pasta, rice & other grains; Vegetables & legumes; Sauces & condiments; Resources; and Index.

Swordfish Picatta;Moroccan Seafood Stew; Eggplant Moussaka; Pancetta & rosemary beans; Falafel in saffron tomato sauce; Olive oil poached tuna; Braised duck legs w/ wild mushrooms & almonds; Duck confit; Spinach & feta stuffed chicken breasts in lemon dill sauce; saffron braised chicken thighs stuffed w/ Serrano ham; Two big Italian meatballs; Short ribs Bourguignon; Moroccan beef stew; Lamb stuffed w/ artichokes & braised lemon in white wine; and Pork shoulder stuffed w/ prunes and port wine.

Nice recipes, but as I said, I couldn't see them.... Shame

Pasta Modern: New & Inspired (?) Recipes From Italy, Francine Segan
★ ★ 

Not for those of us who ♥ Traditional Pasta..... I was thinking: "this stuff is just plain weird & unappetizing, and I'm sure as Hades Not Going to Eat This!" So, then I look at the title of the book, rather than the photo on the cover and I'm like: "Ah No, Wonder..... I Get It!" Minus a star!

This is a heavy book for a heavy price: $35.... The pages are slick and the photos are limited. For me Photos are a major part of a cookbook, not only do I want photos for most every dish, I want them to tantalize my taste buds. Moving on to the recipes: the titles are in a heavy bold colored font, the ingredients are on a side frame in a small bold font which is quite readable. The recipe begins with an explanation in a very thin hard to read font and the instructions are in a tiny bold font, which I can not read..... What good is a cookbook when you Can't Read the Instructions? Minus another star!!

Contents include: Introduction; How to Cook Pasta Like an Italian(?): the Recipe Chapters; Pasta Glossary; Sources; Acknowledgements; and Index.

Appetizers & Soups: Pasta Sushi; Pasta Pretzel Sticks; Award-Winning Macaroni Fritters; and Soup in a Sack

Fruit: Pasta w/ artichokes, prunes & sage; Berries, basil & bells; Rigatoni w/ red apples, rosemary, & red onions; and Spaghetti w/ oranges, dates & anchovies

Nuts (Um Yeah): Corzetti w/ marjoram; Pasta w/ mint pistachio pesto; Chicory pesto w/ trofie; Radiatore w/ radicchio, beer & hazelnuts; and Pasta w/ almond tomato pesto.....

Have you had enough yet?

Vegetarian: Bucatini dome (This looked gross, like a pasta beehive stuffed w/ peas & things); Pasta without water; Risotto style pasta spaghetti w/ potatoes; and Kamut spaghetti w/ bean "meatballs"

Fish: Purple pasta; Trout & snails; Tagliatelle w/ smoked trout & licorice (blech)"Worms" & eels; Slow simmered tuna, caramelized onions, & "candles"; and Fish heads, fish heads.

Meat; Savory Chocolate & Coffee (ewwwwwwwwwwww); Fresh Pasta; Holidays; and Pasta for Dessert....


Plum: Gratifying Vegan Dishes from Seattle's Plum Bistro, Makini Howell ★ ★ 

Just because a recipe is "Vegan" Does NOT Mean it is "Healthy", and this book proves exactly that by the use of Soy & Canola oil, both proliferate GMO food products and it is my belief that in this day & age, there is no reason to use those products, at least not if you want to eat "Healthy" So minus 2 stars

Okey Dokey..... The book is printed on dull matte finish paper, photographs are enticing but few. Recipe titles are in a large bold font with an Gluten Free/Soy Free indication, the paragraph beneath the title which describes the recipe is in a medium bold font and is easy to read. The list of ingredients is on the outside frame of the recipe are in a small bold font and the instruction are in a plain font and have run on sentences.....

Contents: Recipe list; Foreword; Introduction; 9 chapters of recipes; Afterword; Acknowledgments; and Index

At the beginning of each chapter is the list of recipes , which has been repeated from the "Recipe List" so there is a redundancy.......

Partial list of recipes include......

Fundamentals: Cream cheese creme fraiche; Green egg foam water; Sweet soy cream; Savory soy cream; Agave Balsamic Vinaigrett; and Roasted garlic cloves two ways

Beginners: Good old fashioned blueberry pancakes; Tiramisu pancakes; Pesto plum pizza w/ agave balsamic; and Savory French toast

Salads & Soups: Grilled black plum & jicama salad w/ radicchio; Quinoa millet cherry salad; Avocado salad w/ seitan bites; Roasted beet and blood orange salad w/ cilantro pesto; Creamy millet corn chowder; Habanero yam soup; and Raw kale & seaweed salad w/ fresh tofu & ginger garlic oil

Small Plates: Charred broccolini; Smashed purple potatoes w/ parsley; Chai spiced yam bruschetta w/ crunchy kale; Spicy chili lime edamame; Grilled wild mushroom toasts; and Jerk tofu & roasted yam sliders

Tofu, Tempeh, & Seitan:
Transitional Raw: "Raw" lasagna w/ basil walnut pesto; Kale pesto "Pizza"; and Jicama avocado "Ravioli" w/ peach & watermelon salsa

Pasta: Fresh spinach pasta; Roasted yam ravioli w/ apple tempeh fillets & chanterelle cream sauce; and Plum's smoky mac

Grains: Millet stuffed baby pumpkins; Blue corn pizza w/ pesto grilled heirloom tomatoes & ricotta; Quinoa risotto w/ panko-fried portobellos

Desserts: Sauteed rosemary plums w/ white wine & blueberry (fake) butter sauce; Peppered agave figs; Everybody dives in chocolate chip brownies; and Black plum ginger sorbet w/ lemon cream

Afterword: Vegan frankfurter & smoked yam puppy treats


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