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Cookbooks IV

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So here are my latest reviews:

 Chocolate: Cakes, Cookies, Candies & More, Fireside Books

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

9781416593423: Chocolate
What a lovely little book, chock full of delicious sounding recipes & mouth-watering photographs... all made with CHOCOLATE! Every recipe has a nice color photo to go with... problem for me? Some of the photos look better than the actual recipe ingredients... LOL!

The contents are: Introduction; Dark Chocolate (Cakes, Desserts, & Tiny Treats); Milk & White Chocolate (Cakes, Desserts, & Tiny Treats); Cooking Techniques (but the page says Basic); Basic Tools; & Index. All this makes for over 378 pages of fantasy come to life happiness.

Dark Chocolate, a sampling: 

Cakes: Apricot/pine nut cake w/ chocolate sauce; Bitter chocolate & almond torte; Flourless chocolate cake w/ Rum jelly & eucalyptus foam (? Thankfully the foam is served on the side); Spicy chocolate cake (chile flavored chocolate); Dark chocolate torte w/ almonds;Ricotta tart w/ chocolate; Apple cake w/ chips; & Pastry roses w/ chocolate cream.

Desserts: Strawberries on (chocolate covered) brioche w/ creme anglais; Spicy chocolate frappe; Chocolate pumpkin souffles; Mocha panna cotta; Ricotta & panettone pudding; Chocolate, coffee & almond trifle; Chocolate zuccotto; Chocolate honeycombs w/ pineapple & oragne sabayon; chocolate shells w/ vanilla cream & caramelized bananas, and dark chocolate mousse w/ sweet cream foam & mandarin sauce......

Tiny Treats: Muesli cookies w/ chcolate glaze & ginger; Chocolate vanilla caramels; Chocolate-covered cherries; Chocolate creme cookies; Rum-chocolate cups w/ mascarpone cream; Baked chocolate nut truffles; Sweet ravioli; Mini citrus yogurt cups; Mini layered cream tarts; blueberry & chocolate pastries; and chocolate covered torrone.

Milk & White Chocolate a sampling:

Cakes: white chocolate cake w/ pears; Citron & chocolate cake w/ white chocolate sauce; Carrot & pistachio cake w/ white chocolate-limoncello frosting; Carrot, chocolate & coconut cake; Ricotta tart w/ gianduiotti; chocolate hazelnut cake w/ dates & whipped topping; and milk chocolate citrus cake.

Desserts: Milk chocolate mousse; coconut granita w/ milk chocolate sauce; White chocolate mousse w/ lemom jelly (yum); Coffee Bavarian creams w/ two chocolate sauces; Jasmine infused white chocolate cream; White chocolate Bavarian cream w/ raspberries (I'd use blackberries); Blackberry cake w/ milk chocolate sauce; White chocolate coffee sauce; White chocolate & ginger sorbet w/ red currants; and Coffee cream millefueilles.

Tiny Treats: Eggplant & white chocolate mousse cups (? Really?); Milk chocolate cupcakes w/ honey, white rum & pistachios; Soft hazelnut torrone; Mini goats milk cheescakes; meringue & rum truffles; Chocolate wafers w/ white chocolate cream; Chocolate beignets w/ white chocolate mousse; Armagnac chocolates; White chocolate hazelnut cookies; Mixed berry tarts w/ white chocolate cream; and Miniature chocolate diplomat cakes.

Just a lovely book.... Makes me happy just to look at the photos & read the recipe names!


Tapas: a Culinary Journey of Discovery, Susanna Tee

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

This is definitely one of the best Tapas cookbooks I have come across. The photos are nice, the recipes are varied, modern, and easy to follow. Also, they are dishes that interest a wider variety of people.

Contents include but are not limited to: 

Introduction: Serving tapas at home; A glass of something fortifying; Sangria; Allioli; & Share.....

Dips & bread: Catalan toasts; Chorizo bread pockets; Artichoke & pimiento flatbread; Wild mushrooms & allioli toasts; and Roasted red bell peppers on garlic toasts.

Meat & Poultry: Sauteed chicken w/ crispy garlic slices; Spicy Moroccan chicken kabobs; Spareribs coated in paprika sauce; Ham & goat cheese empanadillas; and Sirloin steak w/ garlic & sherry.

Fish & seafood: Mixed seafood kabobs w/ chili lime glaze; Tuna & olive empanadillas; Seared squid & golden potatoes; Mussels in vinaigrette dressing; and Calamari w/ shrimp & fava beans.

Vegetables & Salads: Sun-dried tomato & goat cheese tarts; Baby leek & asparagus salad; Eggplant tortilla wedges; Deep friend artichoke hearts; Spanish summer salad in a tomato dressing; Grilled zucchini (ribbons) salad w/ cilantro dressing; and Roasted potato wedges w/ shallots & rosemary.

Although the book only has 96 pages, those pages are filled with delectable bites that will satisfy most everyone. Also, I really ♥ this publisher, Love Food", but since they are in the U.K. some of their older cookbooks are more difficult to come by and might only be found on their website.


Pasta Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library

★ ★ ★ ★  

I've read this before, and I'm pretty sure that I own a copy. I really ♥ this series.
There are photos for each & every recipe & they are not that ugly unappetizing yellow/orange tint either, the paper is glossy, Instructions are easy to follow, ingredients are easy to find (you even have a choice of making your own pasta or not), and the font is easy to read. Each recipe has a short paragraph introducing the dish.

Contents include: Introduction; Equipment; Dried pasta shapes; making fresh pasta; making filled pasta; Cooking & storing pasta; 4 recipe sections; Glossary; Acknowledgements; and Index.

Recipe sections are & include:

Dried Pasta: Fettuccine w/ roasted garlic & chili; Rigatoni w/ white beans & tomatoes; Fusilli salad w/ sweet peppers & mozzarella; Linguini w/ basil sauce; Farfalle w/ walnuts & lemon zest; and Penne w/ asparagus.
Fresh Pasta: Curry flavored fettuccini; Fresh basil pappardelle; Tagliatelle w/ smoked salmon & fennel; Taglierini w/ sauteed scallops; and Fettuccine w/ shrimp & broccoli.

Filled Pasta: Chicken ravioli w/ Parmesan; Mezzelune (half moons) stuffed w/ eggplant; Tortelloni stuffed w/ herbs & potato; and Cannelloni stuffed w/ spinach & ricotta.

Molded Pasta (Casseroles which I will pass on): Baked spaghetti w/ eggplant; Linguini & shrimp tart; Rigatoni & scallop ring; and Fresh taglierini ring w/ tomato & mozzarella.
Such a lovely little book with easy to prepare recipes.....
Delicious Snacks, Love Food

Product Details★ ★ ★ ★ 

***A Books 4 Cooks Challenge Prize Book***
This is a mall book w/ nice photos & easy to follow/prepare recipes. There isn't a lot of content but what there is makes for refreshingly different snacks. I'm sure that if there was someone to cook for, besides myself, I'd make many of these dishes.

Contents include: Introduction; Mouthwatering Morsels; TV Snacks; Lighter Bites; Food on the Go; and Index.
Mouthwatering Morsels: Chicken nuggets; Miniature beef kabobs; Greecian meatballs; Fish goujons w/ garlic mayonnaise; Mushroon bites w/ aioli; Apple fritters; and Spicy marinated olives (you could use more than olives here).

TV Snacks: Miniature ham & pineapple pizzas (using English muffins); Classic spare ribs; Chicken satay; Thai style fish cakes; egg fried rice; Homemade oven fries; and Chocolate popcorn.

Lighter Bites: Parma ham w/ melon & asparagus; Cajun chicken salad; Tomato, salmon & shrimp salad; Mixed vegetable bruschetta; Three color salad (mozzarella & tomato slices w/ fresh basil); Red cabbage slaw; and Fruit skewers.

Food on the Go: Rolled cheese & bean quesadiillas (you can mix & add other ingredients); Chicken liver pate; Hummus w/ crudites; Spanish omelet; Sticky fruit oat squares; and Blueberry bran muffins.

I'm thinking this would even be a nice cookbook for a teen who is just beginning to be interested in cooking..... The book is metric and u.s. measures, milk is low-fat, & eggs are medium sized.


Tra Vigne Cookbook: Seasons in the Wine Country, Michael Chiarello

★ ★ ★ 1/2 

A large cookbook w/ glossy pages, a smattering of photographs (but not always of the dish)more than one recipe on a page (so that some recipes appear on two pages), the name of recipe, explanation & ingredients are in large grey bold font, and the directions are in a plain serif font. Some recipes are less involved than others to make.

The book is broken down into: Introduction; Spring (5 sections); Summer (5 sections); Autumn (5 sections); Winter (5 sections); Tra Vigne classics; Desserts & cookies; Pantry; Glossary; Complete recipe list; Index; and Table of equivalents.

Spring: Anticipation; asparagus; Garlic; Fresh peas & shelling beans; and Potatoes

Summer: Pietro Rabbit; Corn; Tomatoes; Bell Peppers; and Summer Squashes

Autumn: Food hugs; Mushrooms; Greens; Onions; and Eggplants

Winter: Storytelling time; Broccoli, Artichokes; Citrus; and Winter Squashes

Each section/vegetable has an entire written page discussing the merits of each type of, cooking with and those ingredients that go with. The page after has a large B&W photo of the main ingredient, for example, zucchine and the list of recipes that follow: Suateed zucchihi batons w/ melon "Pasta"; Southern Italian ratatouille four ways; Crispy zucchini salad w/ tomato vinegar; and Saltimbocca.

This is not a vegetarian cookbook, although many of the recipes are meatless....

Do not get me wrong, it isn't that this is an "awful" cookbook, no, not at all. Many of the recipes sound very good to me, it is that the presentation simply does not pique my interest, which is why the 1/2 star.
Wolfgang Puck Makes it Easy, Wolfgang Puck

★ ★ ★

This book is easy to read (meaning I can see the print without pushing my nose to the page), but I'm not going to agree that the recipes are "Easy", because making pasta from scratch is not easy and the recipes use more than a few ingredients. So, I'm thinking he's trying to make his less complicated recipes available to the general public.

There are colored photos for each recipe, there are "Wolfgang's Easy Tips" for each recipe as well, and a small blurb about each dish above the recipe.

Contents are: Acknowledgements; Introduction; Breakfast, brunch, & breads; Appetizers, Soups & salads; Panini on the indoor grill; Pasta & pizza; Main Dishes; Side dishes & sauces; Desserts; Appendix; and Index.
Breakfast, brunch, & breads: Southwestern strata w/ sausage; Pistachio crusted vanilla French toast; Eggs in cocotte w/ smoke salmon & horseradish cream; Chocolate & orange swirl muffins; Brioche; and Fresh berry compote.

Appetizers, Soups & salads: Roasted crostini w/ assorted toppings; Artichokes stuffed w/ fresh herbs, breadcrumbs, & parmesan (this is NOT easy); Potato pancakes w/ smoked sturgeon; Roasted squash soup; Rich mussel soup; Asian steak salad; Five dressings for five salads; and Panko crusted scallops w/ cilantro mint vinaigrette.

Panini on the indoor grill: Grilled shrimp blt panini w/ shallot cream sauceGrilled steak panini; Fontina & broccoli rabe panini w/ sun dried tomatoes; and BBQ turkey & green chili quesadilla.

Pasta & pizza: Basic pasta dough (so not happening @ my house); Pasta w/ wild mushrooms, corn & bell peppers; Tagliatelle w/ pancetta, shrimp & roasted tomatoes; Fettuccine Alfredo w/ mascarpone cream sauce; Pappardelle w/ braised duck legs (oh YUM); Making a pizza; Roasted garlic & wild mushroom pizza (Again Yum); Pizza w/ sausage, fennel & peppers; and Pizza w/ prosciutto & arugula.

Main Dishes: Roasted salmon fillets w/ red wine sauce & mashed potatoes (not easy); Sauteed shrimp w/ chardonnay dijon cream sauce (I make this w/ out the dijon); Pan seared ahi tuna w/ wasabi cream sauce; Pan roasted chicken w/ lemon & whole grain mustard; Buttermilk marinated pan friend chicken breasts; Roast prime rib of beef w/ garlic herb crust; Asian style pork hotpot w/ squash & eggplant; Ground beef & pork chipotle chili w/ kidney beans; and Wine braised brisket of beef w/ carmelized pearl onions & dried apricots.

Side dishes & sauces: Asparagus w/ brown buttered breadcrumbs; Sauteed squash ribbons; Fresh mushroom sauce; Mayonnaise; and red wine shallot sauce. 

Desserts: Old fashioned ginger spiced cookies; My Mother's linzer cookies; Banana spring rolls w/ two dipping sauces (I think this is disgusting, but Rachel Ray makes this as well....); Granny Smith apple pie w/ cheddar cheese crust; meringue nests w/ lemon curd, chocolate mousse, or ice cream; Lemon curd; Warm strawberries w/ baked meringues & vanilla ice cream; Pink & white baked Alaska (Not easy); and Ginger creme brulee.

It (mostly) all sounds good, but it is NOT "Easy"... well for Wolfgang is is, but unless you are an accomplished cook, much of it is not. 

Personally, I would not buy this book ($34.99), but I would borrow it from the Library.

30-Minute Get Real Meals Rachel Ray

★ ★ ★ 

Although I really do like her cooking show, I find Rachel delightful, I do not find her cookbooks delightful. For me a BIG part of the appeal of a cookbook is format. I find Rachel Ray's cookbooks are of a cheap and unappetizing format, so that I really do not look at the recipes. I also do not like her "cutsie" way of naming things.

The format is plain paper, blue & pink printing of the ingredients & bold blue printing of the directions. There are very few photos, and they are that yellowish green color that puts me off.
With that being said, the book is broken down into: Confessions, Eight chapters of recipes, and an Index.
Chapters & Recipes include:

Snacks & super-Supper Snacks: shrimp & pork balls w/ spicy lime dipping sauce; Guacamole salad; Caesar salad to go; Zippy ham salad cucumber snackers; and Baby lamb chops w/ artichoke & tarragon dip.

Burgers gone wild (these sound good): Lamb mini burgers on mixed salad w/ fennel; Chicken fajita burgers; Turkey cacciatore burgers w/ portobello buns; Cubano pork burgers w/ sweet orange warm slaw; and Grilled surf & turf (sirloin burgers on bed of lettuce w/ grilled shrimp & horseradish chili sauce.

Take a dip: Several different types of fondue made from different types of cheeses

Salads that stack-up: Korean bbq flank steak (bulkogi) on hot & sour slaw salad; Cobb salad, double the meat hold the lettuce; Shish kebob salad; Chicken Greek-a-tikka w/ parsley feta pesto; and Swordfish kebobs on fennel slaw salad.

That's souper: Indian summer turkey chili; Fire roasted tomato, beef, & chipotle chili; double the sauasge & kale soup w/ wrapped & stuffed green jumbo olive snacks; Chorizo chicken stoup, mixed greens, and sherry vinaigrette; and Meatball & sausage pizza stoup. Stoup: thicker than a soup but not as thick as a stew. Who knew?

Well-rounded square meals: Swordfish & chorizo kebobs on mostly vegetable saffron rice; Citrus crab cakes w/ sweet & bitter salad; Seafood au gratin w/ sauteed artichokes & spinach; Lemon lamb chops w/ lentils & radishes; 1Stuffed pork chops w/ sausage & apricots; and Spinach stuffed steaks w/ sauteed crimini mushrooms.

Pasta: Come home again: Eggplant & wild mushroom pasta w/ ricotta salata; Seared tri-color greens w/ farfalle; Cauliflower pumpkin pasta; Bucatini w/ sausage, peppers & onions; and Ground turkey paprikash-goulash & macaroni.

Desserts? Yes, desserts: Very berry crumble; Mascarpone parfait w/ citrus salad; Spiced plum crepes w/ port syrup; and Mini chocolate cherry bites.
Most of the recipes sounded delicious but I can't figure out how they only take 30 minutes.... This is a good cookbook for those on a limited book budget


Irish Traditional Cooking: Over 300 Recipes From Ireland's Heritage, Darina Allen

★ ★ 1/2  

From the cover: "Darina Allen's beautiful and unpretentious vision of cooking is connected to the land, its seasons, and to the artisan producers. I find this book important and irresistible." --Alice Waters, Chez Panisse 

I honestly wonder if people get paid for their endorsements....... The book is printed on semi-slick paper, with a smattering of pictures of the actual dishes, full two page color photos for each chapter's title page (an introduction printed over the center faded-out portion of the photo. There are several recipes per page, divided by triple lines, in small difficult to read print.

Not all recipes have a list of ingredients and those that do, do not all have measurements..... Each recipe contains a short to medium length story above the instructions so it is difficult to tell which part is which. There are a lot of (personal) stories intermingled w/ the recipes..... This is a difficult book to read and cook from.

Contents include: Introduction; Forward; Broths & soups; Eggs; Fish; Game; Poultry; Lamb; Beef; Pork (you get a partial lesson on how to dress a pig); Offal; Potatoes; Vegetables; Food from the wild; Dessets; Pancakes; breads; Oatmeal & other grains; Cakes & biscuits; and the irish pantry. These are followed by: Appendix 1, Cheeses & cheesemaking in Ireland; Appendix 2, the Potato & the famine; Appendix 3, Cooking pits of the Fianna; An Irish food chronology; Index; Bibliography; and Acknowledgements.

Recipes include: Potato & fresh herb soup; Potted Ballycotton shrimp; Ballymaloe hot buttered lobster; Kidney soup; Eels; Ray; Crubeens (pigs' feet); Collared head; Black pudding Galaway; Duck blood; Corned mutton; Dublin coddle; Carrigeen moss pudding; Dandelion coffee; Mead; Trish Archer's Gaelic coffee; and Apple custard pie.

As you can tell by the list of recipes, these are very "Traditional" recipes, ones that you most likely will not find elsewhere..... This is what gave the book its additional 1/2 Star.

Thanksgiving: How to Cook It Well, Sam Sifton

★ ★

Small wonder this book cost only $18.00!
I Want Photos in my Cookbooks, not drawings.... It was printed in non-cookbook format, smallish font, recipe titles in a light orange color, some recipes were printed on a very light orange background, long painstaking instructions (without illustrations), snide side remarks, and boring personalizations.

Chapters include: Getting Started; The Turkey; Side Dishes; Gravy & Cranberry Sauce; Setting the Table (God forbid you don't do this correctly); Serving the Food & Some Questions of Etiquette (We're supping w/ the Queen?); Drinks & Drinking (How many of you don't know about this?); Dessert; Cleanup & Leftovers; Index; and Notes.

Do you know there are (at least) Six (6) different types of Turkey (read this book and you will)? You can roast, brine, fry, and deep fry a turkey, but nothing here on BBQ.

Side dishes include: three different dressings/stuffings, three different potato recipes, two squash recipes, vegetables; carrots, Brussels sprouts, and green beans; and mac & cheese (really?).

Three Gravies (one called "serious")..... two cranberries..... As for the remainder, I really didn't give a fig!

one pot wonders, Conrad Gallagher

★ ★

Not your everyday (save myself some time) easy dish, feed my family cookbook. Oh No This Is Not!
From the inside flap: "Simple dishes, readily available (where?) ingredients, and a wealth of enticing recipes that involve only one pan; what could be better?"

The book is an odd square size (9x9) with plain paper (not glossy) pages, many of the recipes have attractive color photos (if you like yellow & orange). Titles are a large grey bold font, ingredients are in a small (I need my tri-focal and had to get really close up) bold font, and the instructions are in a difficult to read sans-serif small regular font.

Contents include: sauce pan; deep pan; shallow pan; frying pan; saute pan; casserole dish; roasting pan; chargrill and grill; wok; baking sheet; baking dish; deep-fryer; salads, etc., and index.

Recipes include: asparagus w/ poached eggs; peas & morels ("readily available"?) w/ fried quail eggs; pumpkin risotto w/ trompettes de mort (again, "readily available"?) and pancetta; john dory w/ coconut and curry; cappuccino of navy beans (?) w/ morels and seared scallops; pappardelle w/ rabbit loin(still again, "readily available"?), mustard and parsley; kangaroo medallions ("readily available"? oh yeah) w/ harissa & spicy masala sauce; octopus w/ roasted pepper, olines, & sun dried tomato pesto; and gratin of fig w/ mascarpone.

More basic recipes include: soba noodles w/ soy, cilantro & marinated squid; tomato & goat cheese pizza w/ chorizo & arugula; lemon tart; thai green curry w/ baby eggplants & sticky rice; omelette stuffed w/ ground pork; roasted salmon w/ saffron cream sauce; several different mussel & clam dishes; roast squab w/ green olives, saffron & preserved lemons; roast new potatoes w/ coarse salt & rosemary; and seared scallops w/ guacamole, cilantro & chiles.

Many of the recipes sound wonderful, but too many do not. This book is not for smaller cookbook collections, rather for those who have "elevated" taste & standards, as can be attested to by the following quote from the back flap: "....He was quickly discovered by the Waldorf Astoria where he became the youngest ever sous chef. Alain Ducasse then offered him the 'rare privilege of working at the 'Michelin 3-star Hotel de Paris' (only 3-stars?) where Conrad, revelling in the superb standards, stayed for a year....." Ok, so this explains why the ingredients are "readily available"....
I'm going to pass on this one.


Invitation to Dinner, Abigail Kirsch

★ ★

Grrrr, yet another cookbook with photos in the center, and only EIGHT (8) at that! The book is printed on plain beige paper, with more than one recipe on a page, which makes for a recipe split on to two different pages (Grrrr). This was so difficult for me to read, that I am not including my usual sampling of recipes.

Each menu includes a one page dissertation and a time-table: 2-3 days before; Day before; Day of; 15 minutes before guests; 45 minutes before dinner; Just before dinner; Dinner service; Dessert service; After service. Recipe titles are a large script, ingredients are a small script and instructions are a plain font, which I need to use my tri-focal to read. At the end of each recipe is a "Finishing touches & table presentation".

After the Acknowledgments is the contents which I found very difficult to read, as it was also printed in a plain thin script........ Chapters are broken down into 2-4 menus. Contents are as follows:

I Love Planning Parties!
Lessons from a lifetime of entertaining
Eight great events
What works?
Game plans for a winning party

PART TWO (sections & menus):
The Simplicity & Intimacy of Casual Dinners: 1. A warming welcome for visiting friends 2. A savory seduction on Sadie Hawkins Day 3. An end of summer seafood spree 4. A taste of Paris w/ Gertrude Stein

The Drama & Celebration of Formal Dinners: 1. A king of roasts for a beef-loving boss 2. Fancy flourishes on your first anniversary 3. A storybook supper w/ a touch of spice 4. a vegetarian celebration for a new generation

The Bounty and Beauty of Buffet Dinners: 1. A fancy Easter w/ a Mediterranean flavor 2. an old fashioned country feast at the family reunion 3. An Italian buffet for the festival of festivals 4. A graduation celebration w/ Asian sizzle

The Spark and Spice of Grilling Parties: 1. Scintillating fare before the fireworks 2. A midsummer night's dream ...of steak 3. southern comfort on an August afternoon

The Warmth and Comfort of Family Dinners: 1. Sunday afternoon at my house 2. Making Mom's day w/ Italian delights 3. Turkey w/ a twist when the crowd comes home

The Bright Feeling and Fresh Flavors of Brunch: 1. A merry buffet for Christmas morning 2. sundays in the kitchen w/ friends 3. Father knows best: a slightly formal brunch

The Energy and Informality of Hors d'Oeuvre Parties: 1. St. Patricks day dinner by the bite 2. Small delicacies for a big business occasion

The Luscious Indulgence of Dessert Parties: 1. Showering the bride-to-be w/ sweet sensation 2. The team takes over the ice cream counter

Basics of Beverage Service (and a Few Delicious Drinks)

Appendix 1: Garnishes; Appendix 2: Kitchen equipment; Appendix 3: Table settings & Index

This is another book (29.95) that is not worth the price, and is for larger collections......

Now I know why this was in the FOL Booksale!

Secrets of Baking: Simple Techniques for Sophisticated Desserts, Sherry Yard (Spago's Award Winning Pastry Chef)

★ ★ (for the variety of recipes) 

First, I am not a baker. Not from a box, not from Pillsbury pop-ups, not from scratch. On occasion I'll make something savory, but otherwise I'll bring a main dish! So in terms of this book, this makes the recipes difficult. The recipes include basic ingredients, some not so basic ingredients.... They take patience, time and caring... Not my strong suit. But if you are an accomplished baker, this might be the book for you as the recipes are many and of a great variety.

The physical being of the book: This Is Large and Heavy... There is only one recipe per page (sometimes two pages)... The paper is plain and the font is easy to read. Each recipe has a an informational blurb; Yield, Special tools, & Variations in the left frame of the page along with the list of ingredients on a light yellow background. There are many lovely photographs BUT they are not together with the corresponding recipes, in other words, there is a section of lovely photographs and then a section of corresponding recipes (this knocked off 1 star).

In addition there is no clear division between chapters, which confused me as I went from Deep Dark Chocolate Tart in the Ganache section to Caramel on the next page.... What also confused me was why Baked Whiskey Torts, Campton Place Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Mousse trio, and Deep dark Chocolate Tort were mixed in with the Ganache recipes. After the first six (6) pages of the Caramel chapter there was a section of sixteen (16) color photographs of recipes other than Ganache & Caramel. Needless to say, the confusing and unclear progression and additions throughout the layout of the book knocked off another entire star.

Contents include: Acknowledgements; Foreword by Jacques Pepin; Introduction; and My Bakeshop Rules. This is followed by the recipe sections which in turn is followed by; Baking terms, Basic tools, Ingredients, Suppliers, Bibliography, and Index.

Recipe sections & their recipes include:

Ganache: Master ganache; Truffles; Milk chocolate; Raspberry; Banana; Baked whiskey tortes; Chocolate whipped cream; and Chocolate mousse trio.

Caramel: Stages; 16 pages of photographs (neither of Ganache or Caramel); Master caramel; Golden spun sugar; Caramel sticks; Croquante (german brittle); Caramel semifreddo; and Oven-roasted caramel Anjou pears.

Curd: Master (She sure likes this term) lemon curd; Blackberry lime curd; lemon souffle; Lemon bars; Lime fondu; and Passion fruit bavarois.

Vanilla Sauce: Master (there she goes again) vanilla sauce; vanilla ice cream; Strawberry semifreddo (but I thought we were on vanilla?); pastry cream; Cappuccino souffle; Creme caramel (?); and Creme brulee.

Pate a Choux: Master (as opposed to slave?) pate a choux (which is pastry dough... one of the "easiest to make" don't you know); Chocolate cream puffs; Profiteroles; Eclairs; Plum & ginger Carolines; Apricot & mascarpone cannoli; and Blackberry merlot dumplilngs.

Pound Cake & Genoise: Here we go again: MASTER pound cake; MASTER Genoise...... Ok: What-Ever (said in a "Val" vioce) I am sooooo finished........



Pie & Tart Dough:


Laminated Dough:


Master Combinations:

$35.95? Don't waste your money.... Someone will get this cheep @ the Library's Holiday Booksale!

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