Thursday, February 9, 2012

Normally I Like This Author..........

Better Read Than Dead: a Psychic Eye Mystery, Victoria Laurie


This is the LAST book in this series I will read...... Although I really enjoy Laurie's other series and find it credible, this one is boiling over the edge with Fraking stupidity of characters. 

Abby is asked to help the police with a rapist.... she tells them they have the wrong man, and they ignore her (even though they Know she has Never been wrong) and a woman is murdered. Then she ends up being harassed by a sociopathic Mob Boss: he poisons her dog, he has someone run into her car, he has her car's oil pan damaged, he harasses her clients, and more.... But she Never tells her FBI boyfriend or his Best Friend a Detective in the local police department.... 

EVERY Bad Thing that Happened in this book Could Have Been Avoided if the main characters had used their god-given natural thought processes. So the fact that Laurie chose to use sheer stupidity as a basis for her storyline was aggravating to say the least.

Boo Hiss.......What a Bunch of Unmitigated Schlock!

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