Saturday, February 4, 2012

Juliet Blackwell: Haunted House Renovation Mysteries


Juliet Blackwell, authoress of the Witchcraft Mysteries, has another series she is writing, "Haunted Home Renovation Mysteries". 

Silly me I stared the second book while in the midst of the first book, because I had put the first one down and wasn't able to find it......

But, so far, so good.  The heroine Mel(anie) Turner is a general contractor living in San Francisco who restores old houses to their former glory.  Her family was in the same business and she worked alongside them as she grew up.  Mel is also able to see, hear & communicate with ghosts.

In the second book, Mel is restoring a Haunted Victorian, which was once a boarding house.....  The young family that bought the house has insisted that they be allowed to live there during the renovation.  At least one of the ghosts is malevolent.... one shows up spewing liquid from his mouth and leaving trails of wetness.....  There is jealousy & hatred which tend to manifest itself within the living.... 

These books do not tend to horror, the violence is light, the story is light as well and the information on other-world phenomena is limited.  

I'll be rating these books 3 stars 

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