Monday, July 8, 2013

"The Uninvited Guests" Whoa!

"The Uninvited Guests"  Sadie Jones    

* * * 1/2

Whoa! You want a weird, ugly, & dark ghost story w/ a happy romantic ending? Well, then, This Is The Book For You!

Let's see: it is Emerald's birthday, she is having a dinner party for old friends, family (mother, brother & baby sister), & neighbors.  Step-father is off to town trying to secure a loan, so that they might stay in their family home, rather than move to a smaller one which he can afford on his own.

So after he leaves, there is a train wreck and the people from the train  (The Uninvited Guests) arrive unannounced to find shelter until all is cleared up.  Unfortunately another more evil man from Mother's past shows up and plays ugly games and causes havoc....

The part I liked (which gave this the 1/2 &#9733) was the baby sister: she brings the pets up to her room and holds them against her wall, and draws the outlines of their bodies on her wall w/ charcoal......  But in the midst of the ensuing chaos, she brings her Pony up to her room in order to do the same!

Otherwise this was too creepy for me and a part of it offended my sensibilities.

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